The sciences have grown in diversity

Over the past decade, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences have grown in diversity exponentially. Developments that could not have been imagined only decades ago are now a reality. Our Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical team includes attorneys who are trained in a wide variety of disciplines.

Extensive experience

The team’s experience extends to molecular biology, viral vectors, siRNA, immunology, transgenic organisms, neurobiology, molecular diagnostics, genomics, plant and microbial molecular biology, proteomics, cell and tissue culture, hybridoma technology, toxicity testing, protein purification, assay methodologies, pharmaceuticals, and the synthesis, purification and characterisation of organic compounds and supramolecular entities.

International jurisdictions

Members of our team also have practical experience working in the IP arena in jurisdictions other than Australia and New Zealand. The technical diversity of our team in these arts, matched with multi-jurisdictional practical experience, ensures we are best placed to provide the support needed to our clients in these rapidly evolving fields of endeavour, both domestically and internationally.