Diverse technologies

Engineering, including both the electrical and mechanical arts, has long been an integral part of the global IP landscape. The diverse array of technologies that form this area of research have resulted in an immeasurable number of developments that have translated into improvements in our everyday lives. From simple devices to microchips to air travel, electrical and mechanical engineering advances have dramatically changed civilisation in an ever-increasing manner over the past century.

Broad range of experience

Our attorneys have substantial experience in many fields of endeavour in these arts, including medical devices, printing technologies, construction and structural technologies, waste water treatment systems, athletics equipment, tracking devices, geophysics, semiconductor technology, defence related technologies, optical and optoelectronic components, laser products and gaming machines.

International jurisdictions

In addition to expertise in the electrical and mechanical arts, our Engineering team also has substantial experience in the protection of business methods and in the prosecution and enforcement of registered designs. The team is further strengthened through inclusion of attorneys having multi-jurisdictional qualifications, with a particular emphasis and experience in the protection and enforcement of medical device patents in the United States.

Attorneys specialising in this area: