Fastest growing industry

With the birth of the Internet and the modern computer age, the ICT field is one of remarkable growth and speed of development. With technology being “out-dated” in a very short time from the moment of conception, it is not surprising that these fields of endeavour generate a remarkable number of inventions that find themselves the subject of patent protection.

Technological expertise

Our ICT team is diverse and has a substantial amount of experience in many technical fields within the realms of ICT. Some examples of our technical expertise are telecommunication, satellite communication systems, mobile telephony, distributed networks, multimedia technologies, speech and speaker recognition systems, e-business / e-commerce and anti-counterfeiting technologies, network architecture and machinery, software, digital signal processing, radio propagation, programming, audio processing and compression algorithms.

International jurisdictions

A number of our ICT team boast a pedigree from IP Australia, the Australian Patent Office. A number have held positions as examiners of patents, whilst others have held high-level executive positions with the Office. The team therefore provides unmatched insight into the workings of IP Australia, particularly relating to prosecution, opposition and re-examination procedures. A number of our team also have practical experience working in IP firms in the United States.

Attorneys specialising in this area:


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